Pregnancy and breastfeeding as a weight-loss program

Once upon a time, there was a university student, unpopular in high school, and didn’t care too much about her appearance…

When I was in university, I ballooned up to a weight of around 75kg. Despite this large figure staring back at me on the scales, I didn’t think I looked any different than I did at 65kg, which is about what I weighed in high school. Still, even 65kg at a height of 160cm is classed as overweight when calculating the BMI.

In around November 2003, I went to see a homeopath, who helped with advice about eating better. Exercise wasn’t the issue; I walked 45 mins to and 45 mins from uni every day I had classes. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me at 75kg, but I do have a photo from Christmas 2003, not long after I started losing weight that I’ll use for comparison.

After a while on a better diet, I got down to around 60kg before I went overseas in July 2004. Then working at Burger King in the US Nov 2004-Jan 2005 pretty much brought my weight back up at around 65kg. I was still around 62-63kg by the time I got married in April 2006. Perfectly content, though, I didn’t feel the need to explicitly diet or try to lose more.

Since then, though, I got pregnant. Morning sickness brought my weight down to 58kg in the beginning, until Doyle started growing enough to affect my weight in the opposite direction. As soon as I gave birth, I was back down to my wedding day weight, and since then breastfeeding has affected my weight in perhaps too positive a way. There’s no other explanation for it but breastfeeding – I haven’t changed my diet or exercise program (of which I have none).

My weight has been affected so much with pregnancy and now breastfeeding, I basically have to have my rings resized. Last night my wedding ring almost fell completely off, but luckily I caught it in time.

I’m not necessarily advocating getting pregnant and having a baby in order to lose weight, however. I seriously doubt all new mums are affected in the same way. I’m merely discussing how I’ve been positively affected by this situation – even if I will have to pay money to have my rings resized so as not to accidentally lose them.

Before (Christmas 2003):
Christmas 2003

After (June 24, 2007):
June 24, 2007

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and breastfeeding as a weight-loss program

  1. Breastfeeding definitely burns additional calories. Most dieticians recommend that women who are breastfeeding eat about 500 calories more per day to accomodate it. If you don’t eat more, then the calories come do come from burning fat. Another good reason, among many, to breastfeed.


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