Connect with my friends

As I consider myself fortunate to have so many talented people in my life, I’d love to take this opportunity to promote them and share with you some ways of connecting with them yourself. I’m hoping you’ll find someone new to enjoy!

Writers and Bloggers

Tara Calaby primarily reviews books and writes YA fiction. She also wrote a play that was performed as part of Short+Sweet across Australia and New Zealand. She is one of my oldest Internet friends and one of the people whom I credit most to my learning proper grammar.

Jeremiah Murphy is a fiction writer and artist who mostly focuses on the same characters he’s been developing for years. His characters Max Fuentes and Sean McCoy also appear in my novel, Adrift. If you check out his link you can read shorts featuring these and other characters posted from time to time.

Kristen Duvall was born and raised in Missouri but currently resides in France. Her writing tends toward dark and speculative fiction.

Jax Goss is a writer and traveller like me. Originally hailing from South Africa, she currently resides in New Zealand. She was also the founder of Solarwyrm Press.

Lara Eckener is a writer from Florida. I enjoy her for her existential ideas and the fact she writes a lot of non-heterosexual characters.

Ellen Jurik co-wrote the one act play Gary’s Place with me back when I was living in Australia. She’s also acted in one of my short films, Present Vision.

Ange Chin is an Australian writer/blogger and chef for the RAAF.

Kris Fricke, originally from California, travels the world working as a beekeeper and sailor.

Alyce Wilson is a writer and poet from Philadelphia whom I had the pleasure to meet when I visited in 2011.

Comedians and Improvisers

R Kevin Garcia Doyle and Sean TC O’Malley are improvisers in Hawaii who perform as part of an improvised rock group called Oil in the Alley. Even if you can’t see them perform live in Honolulu (though I do recommend you check them out if you’re travelling there), they sometimes share videos on Facebook, and some of their music is available on iTunes. I’ve worked on a couple of music videos with these guys, too.

Mike Brown talks about movie news in Gotta Love Them Movies.

Augustin is a stand-up comedian from Ghana currently residing in Malaysia and performs comedy throughout the region.

Kristian Reimer is a Canadian stand-up comedian.

Kavin Jay is an Indian Malaysian stand-up comedian, and co-founder of 1 Mic Stand weekly open mic night at PJLA. He also hosts the Really Really Late Breakfast on RedFM with Papi Zak (see below).

Papi Zak is a Malay stand-up comedian and radio host for RedFM.

Phoon Chi Ho is a Chinese Malaysian stand-up comedian. Founder of Cash for Comedy. He’s also involved with Misai Films.

Kuah Jenhan is another Chinese Malaysian comedian. I don’t know him so well but he wasn’t nearly as well known when I was performing stand-up comedy in KL, which is when I met him. He is, however, one of my favourite Malaysian comedians.


Amy Welsh hails from my hometown but is currently living in London.


Nelson Clemente is a singer/songwriter and actor from Perth, Australia, currently living in Singapore. He kindly donated a couple of tracks for me to use in my short film, Journey.

Steve Northcott is a Canadian currently living in China, though I met him whilst he was living in Malaysia and also performing stand up comedy. You should check out his On the Beat and Path project, where he tours around Asia for music.

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