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Being a guest or featured here

I like learning about and finding independent artists, especially writers, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, graphic designers, artists/painters, and photographers. I also love people who’ve adopted an approach that differs from traditional distribution or publishing methods. If you’ve independently released something, and/or used some form of crowdfunding or crowd-sourced material, then I’d be interested in hearing from you.

The topics I also like to cover on this blog include:
* diversity (eg, focusing on those who aren’t the stereotypical abled straight white males, either characters or the artist/writer/etc themselves)
* various forms of creativity (which can include the process of creating it, discussing other people’s work, or promoting other people’s creative works, especially more indies/lesser known artists)
* experiences around the world (such as experiences with travelling to a foreign country or living abroad), and
* genres or character types that fit with what I write, such as sci-fi (especially time travel)/fantasy/speculative fiction for genre, or pirates, mermaids, fairies, and possibly other fantasy or mythological creatures.

If you’re not familiar with my blog, it’d be great for you to check out a few posts first to see if you think you might be a good fit for me. There’s a search function on the side of blog posts you can use if you want to look for specific topics I might have covered.

Asking me to be a guest or interviewed for your blog/site

This is something I’m also open to. So far I’ve only been interviewed for another blog on the subject of crowdfunding, because I’ve had a lot of experience funding other projects and even being part of one myself. This is a subject I’m passionate about, but I’m also passionate about the subjects I mentioned in the last section here, and would be happy to write about any of those things. I’ve travelled far and wide – have a look at my world travel page. If there are any places listed there that you’d like me to write about, I can likely do that.

I also moonlight as a pirate from time to time. I don’t know if that’s something people would be interested in me talking about elsewhere, but it’s another thing I enjoy doing.

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