Marked by Scorn: An Anthology Featuring Non-Traditional Relationships

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The Blurb

Love. Regret. Humility. Shame. Pride.

Living on the fringes of society, shunning expectations and obligations in favour of submitting to personal truth has its effects on a person. Sometimes it saves a life, and other times, it forces a life into a harsher reality.

Marked by Scorn is a collection of stories and poems that explore the experiences of these people. Lesbians both open and hidden. Gay couples in South East Asia. Transgender and intersex people in the West. Interracial relationships throughout the world. Non-monogamy as seen through the eyes of choice and culture.

With a sampling of genres to discover including contemporary fiction, romance, speculative fiction, and memoir, delve into the narratives of people who have been part of non-traditional relationships.

Edited by Aurealis Award shortlisted anthology editor Dominica Malcolm. Featuring poetry by Dana L Stringer, Cathy Bryant, Taylor Lyn Carmen, Rochelle Potkar, Karen Sylvia Rockwell, Eve Kenneally, and Kiki Nicole; stories by Kelly Burke, Jeremiah Murphy, Cindy Stauffer, Tara Calaby, Men Pechet, Viny, Sara Dobie Bauer, Vanessa Ng, Tom Trumpinski, Adan Ramie, Rumaizah Abu Bakar, Rebecca Freeman, Baylea Jones, Mo Reynolds, Khadija Anderson, Dominica Malcolm, Tom Nolan, Kawika Guillermo, Shruti Sareen, Donnelle Belanger-Taylor, GK Hansen, Terry Sanville, Jude Ortega, and Jo Wu; and both a poem and a story by DJ Tyrer.

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