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Improv Summary

Dominica Malcolm’s improv journey began roughly around the turn of the millennium through admiring Canadian and Australian improvisers at festivals in Perth and Melbourne, Australia. Over the years, her love for improv grew in intensity, and the less access she had to it when living in Malaysia, the more she craved it. She craved it so much that she flew to Hawaii to get a taste of it, filming music videos there for improv rock group Oil in the Alley on two separate occasions.

Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-2014, Dominica has received improv training through Leela, Improv w/ Marcus, and taken several workshops from visiting improvisers, and at various festivals (Femprovisor Fest, San Francisco Improv Festival, Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv, Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Alaska State Improv Festival, San Diego Improv Festival).

She has primarily performed with Leela’s Performing Improv Ensemble YUM! since May 2015, but also co-founded San Francisco’s only LGBT troupe LiGht BrighT, and developed her own improv format with the reality TV style job interview show So You Want a Job. With YUM!, she appeared at SF Sketchfest, Hollywood Improv Festival, and Antelope Valley Improv Comedy Festival. She was also separately invited to perform in a festival created mash up set at Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv.

Now her improv is focused primarily on her business Improvative Productions, which includes the aforementioned So You Want a Job, amongst other shows. Some of these shows have taken her to perform at the San Francisco Improv Festival, Femprovisor Fest, San Diego Improv Festival, San Diego’s IMPRIDE Festival, Improvaganza Hawaii Festival of Improv, the Alaska State Improv Festival, and Louisville’s Damn Good Improv Festival.

Occasionally Dominica is also invited to perform in once-off shows for other events, and has performed in improv class grad shows. Click here for a full list of improv shows she’s performed in. Many of them include links to videos of the full shows.

Acting Summary

Acting experience includes playing the lead female in the one-act play she co-wrote with Ellen Jurik, Gary’s Place, and starring in Michelle Munyer’s short film, Go Your Own Way.