Full steam ahead with travel arrangements

I went down to Rockingham yesterday to visit my dad and sister, and discovered our plane tickets had mysteriously arrived there on Monday. I’m not sure how they were posted to that address when I gave the travel agent our new address, unless they had that address on file from when we booked our honeymoon flights through them. In any case, I am glad to have discovered that at least the plane tickets weren’t lost in the mail!

So now it’s full steam ahead. We have now booked the majority of our time-share and expensive accommodation, managing to get accommodation for our Thanksgiving week in New York City for a little over a thousand US dollars. I’d almost resigned to having to pay twice that.

Jeremy has just received word that he was a successful WAIA grant applicant, which will cover the costs of what Jeremy would’ve had to pay if he had been flying to Rio de Janeiro on his own and nowhere else, which means some of our airfare costs can now be allocated elsewhere.

With everything coming together, and a little over two and a half months to go, I am seeing the light and am happy in the knowledge that this holiday is becoming just that little more affordable for us.

I also hired a new web developer at work to pretty much take over the majority of my role (and more) to alleviate the stress I’ve been receiving in that regard, and to also not leave the company in the lurch while we’re away. After all, who knows where we’ll be when we get back from the holiday? Jeremy will have only three months left of his thesis, and then be applying for work all over the world. I’d love to stay in Perth, but there just isn’t work here for Jeremy in his chosen field.

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