Down to the final two days of crowdfunding for Fae Fatales

This will probably be my last update on Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology before the campaign comes to a close. As I write this, the page on Indiegogo says there are 48 hours left.

For the final stretch, Jax has announced two more artists, and hopefully at least two more will follow, as we already have enough funding for them and one has confirmed. She also separately announced that she has an additional offer for anyone who has contributed to the campaign, including those who contributed at the $1 raffle level. I love seeing bonuses for backers that aren’t available any other way. It’s a great way of saying thank you to our supporters.

Additionally, I will be writing a short story dedicated to Jamie Bekkers, who pushed us to the magic “we can pay for half the artists we want” mark. This will be another mermaid story about Prudence, as featured in my stories in Fae Fatales and Plunge Magazine. Jamie chose 2020 as the year for me to set the story, so I’m looking forward to writing that. Though I will be publishing this story for free on my blog, the plan is to also have it ready in time to provide as another bonus for everyone who has contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

48 hours to go. $255 to take us to being able to pay 4 more artists, so everyone who has ordered the physical copy of the book through Indiegogo will get 10 bonus postcards (rather than the current 6). We only need to sell 10 more physical books, and an ebook (or 5 raffle tickets) to get there. Here’s that link again in case you want to be part of it.

If you can think of any other bonuses you’d like to see from me that I can give to all our backers for free, I’d love to hear from you. I really want to thank everyone for all their support thus far in the best way I can.

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