2012 in Review

With another year gone, it’s fitting to summarise the highlights of the past year. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good times when there have also been lows, so I want to remember how far I’ve come in spite of those lows.

* Spent a few days in Bangkok, Thailand
* My eldest son turned 5, and his grandparents were here

* A’Famosa Resort, Melaka, Malaysia, which included an elephant ride
* 2 weeks in the USA visiting friends in California, Virginia/DC, and Hawaii
* Included shooting a music video

* Wrote a short story, Siren, which is as yet unpublished
* Trip to Kuantan, Malaysia for my husband’s 40th birthday and a Jaclyn Rousseau photo shoot on the beach

* Celebrated 6 years of marriage
* Trip to Seoul, South Korea

* Trip to Taipei, Taiwan (which was also at the end of April)
* Eldest child started year 1

* Trip to France, which included Disneyland

* Sunway Lagoon theme park Malaysia
* Discovered the awesomeness of Scribophile

* Headed back to my home city of Perth, Australia and caught up with friends and family
* Youngest child turned 2, and had an early birthday party with family in Australia

* Trip to Osaka & Kyoto, Japan (which began Aug 31)
* Finished a full draft of my first novel, Adrift
* My brother visited, after we hadn’t seen each other in nearly 5 years
* Attended “Readings” for the first time

* I got to vote in the US election via absentee ballot
* Dressed as Jaclyn Rousseau at TGI Friday’s for Halloween

* Watched Gangster Macha
* Finished writing a short story, Bridging the Divide
* I publicly came out as bisexual
* Trip to Pattaya & Ayutthaya, Thailand
* I turned 29

* Discovered Onn San’s Epomania
* I found out Bridging the Divide had been accepted to be published somewhere in February
* We spent NYE at Legoland, Johor, Malaysia

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