Check out Onn San’s Epomania

Last month I wrote about a Malaysian short film, Gangster Macha. I’m still interested in making you aware of other creative people you might be familiar with, but I’m not going to follow a particular format.

Earlier this month I went to a public screening of the aforementioned Gangster Macha at The Bee in Mont Kiara. It was presented by WAMM (We Are Malaysian Made – a collective that helps highlight Malaysian talent) along with the launch of composer Onn San‘s album, Epomania.

I don’t usually get out to support Malaysian music as much as I have films, comedy, and theatre, but I was completely blown away by Onn San’s music. So much so that I wanted to tell the world about it as soon as it became available on iTunes, because I think more people around the world — not just in Malaysia — should listen to it.

Epomania is listed as “Epic Orchestra Rock,” and could be described as listening to a science fiction or fantasy film soundtrack, but it doesn’t have a film associated with it. The three tracks featuring Stephanie Van Driesen, and in particular “Rain Myrrh,” remind me a little of Enya on The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and other tracks are the kind of epic sounds you might find on the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean (both of which I have CDs for). The album also features a track with Grace Sng’s vocals called “Battlecry,” which I feel could be a great theme song for oppressed people worldwide.

Along with performing some of the album’s music live, they screened the music video for “Earth” — one of the tracks featuring Van Driesen’s vocal talents, which you can see here or below. Please do have a watch and listen to the amazing sound.

If you like the track on the music video, I highly suggest you check out the album on iTunes, available now. If you’re familiar with iTunes, then you would know you can listen to samples before you purchase.

Buy it from:
US Store US$9.99
UK Store £7.99
AU Store AU$16.99
If you live in another country, you should be able to find it in your iTunes store by searching for “Epomania”

Links to take you further:
Onn San on Facebook
Epomania on Facebook

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