Script Frenzy

Last month I was sent an e-mail introducing me to Script Frenzy by the people who run the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. I had wanted to try NaNo a couple of years ago, but ended up being too busy and not focused enough to write more than a sentence or two.

Screenplays, on the other hand, are more my style, especially considering I’ve started writing multiple feature-length screenplays in the past (they’re all unfinished, and I don’t think any of them are formatted correctly), prior to completing a Graduate Diploma in Media Production, where I finally learned proper screenplay formatting, and how to plan and write for short films.

It has therefore been a goal of mine to complete writing a feature film for quite some time. I had also been confronted with an idea for a script just a couple days before receiving the e-mail, so I jumped at the opportunity to turn it into a feature film script, despite thinking it was only going to be for a short film. After all, I could always cut it right down to short film length to actually shoot, right?

The goal for Script Frenzy is to write at least 20,000 words and have a completed script written between 1-30 June. This averages out to about 667 words per day. I was doing quite well at the beginning, remaining on target until I hit about 8,000 words or so. But then my life hit an interruption and I have been unable to write much of anything since then, except for a couple days.

My word count is currently at 12,141, and with 4 days to go, that means I have a goal of 2,000 words per day. And that’s assuming I can finish the script in another 8,000 words. I am still determined I can finish this, even if I’m not so sure where the plot is going or what the story exactly is. I’ve already changed the genre a couple of times throughout the piece – starting as documentary style drama, moving to just plain drama, and now with a shift in the character I’m following, it’s turned into a bit of a crime drama. Perhaps I’ve just been watching too much Law & Order: Criminial Intent and The Bill lately.

Once I finish the character storyline I’m writing at the moment, I still have three other characters to follow, though I think one of those characters may end up intertwined with my current character, which will hopefully help. My other two characters aren’t all that interesting, so their stories may be wrapped up in a lot less words.

I really hope I have enough time in the next four days to finish writing this script. At least I can be safe in the knowledge that I work better with deadlines.

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