Flights and insurance bought and paid for

In my previous travel related entry, I talked about being unsure if we would be able to afford travel insurance. It was my expectation that it would cost more than $1000 to insure all of us. Since then, I looked into insurance costs, and it was also brought to my attention how expensive hospital bills could be overseas. After talking to our heath insurance provider over the phone, I decided it would be best to insure all three of us for $678 using the Internet payment option. Our health insurance will also be able to be suspended while we’re overseas, which means saving some extra money for something we can’t use while we’re gone. Fantastic! I wasn’t aware this was an option.

The flights were paid for in two bank transfer payments over the weekend and came in at just under $10K, though combined with the travel insurance, it’s just over $10K. We’ve already booked and paid for accommodation in Boston, Tokyo, and 50% of Copacabana. I think New York will end up being our most expensive accommodation given we’ll be there for the expensive Thanksgiving week. I thought Thanksgiving was supposed to be the 22nd of November this year, the day before we arrive in New York, but maybe the assumption I spoke of to some Americans last year about the day of Thanksgiving was actually true and it is on my birthday this year after all. I was so certain my birthday had been on Thanksgiving in the past.

Having said that, what accommodation do we have left to worry about? A few nights in the UK, 4 nights in Lisbon, a week in New York and 4 nights in Vancouver? Maybe the trip won’t end up being as expensive as I originally thought. Thank goodness for free accommodation through family. Now just to let family know we’re coming…

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