Growing Up

Doyle will be 6 months already in just over two weeks. It’s absolutely amazing how time flies now, and to see how Doyle is developing so quickly.

Last night I watched Doyle roll from his back to his front – a harder task than front to back – and it was the first time I’d seen him do it. It seems like he’s pushing for a lot of milestones at the moment as, not only is he rolling, but also getting more enjoyment out of sitting, and especially wanting to sit on his own now. He can’t do it for long yet, but it is exciting to watch his stay up longer and longer each time he tries.

So to document these steps, I decided it’s time for Doyle to let me use my iMac long enough to upload some new photos – I’ve had photos backed up for a month and a half now!

I’ll just post a selection of photos in this entry. You can see the rest of the new collection here.

4 thoughts on “Growing Up

    1. He finds it easier to sit up when he’s holding onto me with one hand still, but it’s the cutest thing at the moment, seeing him sit and try and grab toys that are around him.


      1. I like it when babies are first sitting up, because they always look so top-heavy. The best stage, though, is when they’re just beginning to walk everywhere and not yet to the stage of actually bending their knees *g*


      2. I suppose because they are? Doyle often falls face-first when he’s forgotten how to keep himself up 😉 Also his legs are quite small in comparison to the rest of his body.

        I can’t recall any babies that have gone through the walking without knee bending in my memory (probably because I was never particularly fond of babies until I wanted one myself, and even then haven’t been around many), but when Doyle gets there, I’ll probably reflect back on this comment and mention it then 🙂 Probably won’t be there yet come August, though, I’m afraid. 😉


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