Present Vision shoot wraps

For those reading here that aren’t already aware, last year I started up a filmmaking club called MAHEM. It’s currently somewhat of a joint venture between Malcolm Media and Arena Arts & Entertainment, but we’re happy to welcome outsiders to get involved.

Present Vision is a short film script I wrote back in January, which was then chosen at January’s MAHEM meeting to be the first MAHEM production. It took me a while to get around to casting it, but once it was fully cast, shooting went underway in a matter of weeks (due to availability). Without giving too much away about the story, the film stars Arena alumni Jeremy Malcolm and Ellen Jurik, and co-stars newcomer Donna Abbey, whom I met through PAC Screenworkshops.

We shot the final scripted scenes today, and expect to film a couple transition shots on Friday in case they’re needed. Both Jeremy and I wish to edit the film separately, so we may end up with two different cuts.

We are looking forward to completing the film for a screening at the next Arena meeting on June 29. I also expect to enter the film in some competitions. I have one specific competition in mind, provided I can get the film cut down to 3 minutes.

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