Download Dead

Sometimes films I work on take a lot of time to produce a finished product. And even when I think it could be finished, I still make changes to it later.

As part of one of my classes at Murdoch University last year, I wrote a short comedy film that was never made, titled Dead. Then I enrolled in PAC SWS2 – Comedy at the beginning of this year so that I could turn that script into a film. Whilst in the class, I had come up with two different cuts for the film, though both times I had been told it was too slowly paced. I didn’t care – I thought that’s what I wanted.

Until this month, when I decided to look into Funnybone 500, a short comedy film competition I entered back in 2001 and got nowhere. Well, they only accept films that last three minutes or less. Dead clocked in at just over five and a half minutes. So I did what any good editor would do and cut it down to two and a half minutes.

And now, that cut, is available for the general public to download at only 1.8MB in mpeg-4 format. It can be played with Quicktime, and probably a host of other movie players available online for free.

Warning: this film contains material of an adult nature, and should probably not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.

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