Journey DVD

It looks like I have finally put together my DVD for Journey. It’s just the case now that I have to finish off. It’s fine for me to distribute amongst friends and to those who helped with the film, but if I want to be able to legally sell the DVD, I’ll have to fork … More Journey DVD

My husband

Contrary to what it might’ve seemed like I believe in my previous entry, I have absolutely the best husband in the world. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for me if I asked him to, except maybe kill someone, but that’s not something I’d ever expect to ask of another human being 😉 My husband … More My husband

Out of interest

For those who may only be following the blog page for updates, over the past three days, I have created a couple of pages on this web site: Life Assessment A Hobbyist Filmmaker’s Journey In other news, today I am going to be helping a friend on one of his film shoots. And on Friday … More Out of interest

Download Dead

Sometimes films I work on take a lot of time to produce a finished product. And even when I think it could be finished, I still make changes to it later. As part of one of my classes at Murdoch University last year, I wrote a short comedy film that was never made, titled Dead. … More Download Dead