Hello from Adelaide!

Hello from Adelaide! A few weeks ago, I sort of ‘spur of the moment’ decided that I needed something to change up my life a bit, and that I would do so by completing my ultimate Australian Outback adventure goal – to drive across the Nullarbor. Not only would I do that, but I’d drive … More Hello from Adelaide!

Nine Months Strong

We’re just a few days short of Doyle’s nine-month mark and he’s currently going through some rapid development. I’m very impressed with how capable he’s becoming at standing. Over the past couple of weeks, Doyle has been learning to lift himself up from a sitting position to a standing one while holding onto my fingers. … More Nine Months Strong

Growing Up

Doyle will be 6 months already in just over two weeks. It’s absolutely amazing how time flies now, and to see how Doyle is developing so quickly. Last night I watched Doyle roll from his back to his front – a harder task than front to back – and it was the first time I’d … More Growing Up

My husband

Contrary to what it might’ve seemed like I believe in my previous entry, I have absolutely the best husband in the world. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for me if I asked him to, except maybe kill someone, but that’s not something I’d ever expect to ask of another human being 😉 My husband … More My husband