Doyle Progress Update for the Grandparents (and other interested family members and friends)

As we’re heading in to Christmas, and then around the corner is Doyle’s second birthday, and we’ve been in Malaysia a little over a month now, I thought it would be worth talking about Doyle’s progress for those interested.

So, other than what I mentioned about Doyle acting out my stress, moving into a big boy bed and developing a keen interest in Bob the Builder, in my previous post (which you may not have seen yet, as I only posted yesterday), Doyle has been growing into quite the individual!

He’s starting to string words together now, like “More Bob.” He’s becoming very aware of recognising both people he knows and characters he likes, in pictures. He started saying “Annie” (an aunty) and “Cara” (a cousin) soon after we arrived in Malaysia, and will point to people/characters he recognises but can’t say the names of yet, to get me to say them (I presume to help him learn to say them himself). Yesterday he even started saying “Doctor” and pointing to a picture of David Tennant from Doctor Who, instead of just saying “Who” for everything Doctor Who related he recognises.

Doyle has a keen fascination with his car toys particularly, and enjoys pushing them all over the apartment, and in particular my old Barbie cars from when I was in school. So, even though we may not end up with a daughter, it is good to see that some of my girly toys that were saved are getting some use!

There’s also an interest in doing more grownup activities, such as helping to clean the messes he spills on the floor (I will give him a paper towel, and he will wipe up spilled milk and then put the towel in the bin when I ask, or other items in the bin if I ask), and pushing his stroller around. Though his stroller is a bit tall, so I decided to buy him a toy one for Christmas – even if it is pink! (I figured they probably didn’t come in any other colours even if I’d looked around, because toy manufacturers think only girls want toys like that). During one trip to Ikea, Doyle had a lot of fun playing with a tea set they had in the children’s showroom, so I also got him a set that included some foods that he’ll be able to pretend-eat. I think the fruit set that is included will be fun too, as he always enjoys pointing out the fake apples and saying “apple” when we go to furniture shops!

The cutest things Doyle does at the moment would be when he says “Num” or “Nummy” whenever he’s eating something he really enjoys, and asking for “More.” I think he deliberately asks in the cutest possible way because he is more likely to get what he wants, then. I’m also enjoying when he picks out his favourite DVDs and CDs from the shelves – and he knows which ones are his. He almost always selects one of 3 DVDs – Bob the Builder, 100 Favourite Animal Songs and Rhymes, or any of the Doctor Who DVDs.

He’s also getting incredibly good at recognising and saying numbers, so it’s only a matter of time before he starts counting. He can recognise and say 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8, and can also say 9, 10, and 19! He likes to help count by opening fingers (his or someone elses) while someone else counts the numbers.

Doyle’s understanding of more complex sentences when given instruction is pretty incredible. If I tell him to “Put it in the bin please,” or “take it to Daddy, Daddy wants it,” he’ll obey me. If I tell him, “Mummy hasn’t finished that page yet,” he’ll turn the page back, or if I give him an option of doing something for mummy to get something for himself, such as, “If you sit in the pram, Mummy will give you your milk,” he’ll usually choose to do that. He’s also pretty understanding of yes/no questions, so when I ask him if he wants to do something in particular, he will either shake his head (and/or say “no”), or look expectantly at me to show he would like that.

Overall, and I guess as a mother it’s to be expected, I’m pretty impressed with his progress and developing personality. Now hopefully I haven’t forgotten to mention anything I wanted to say!

2 thoughts on “Doyle Progress Update for the Grandparents (and other interested family members and friends)

  1. Doyle knows the number 8? Hmm, maybe he can teach it to his father…

    Sounds like you’ve settled in well, which is great to hear. Can you email or Facebook message me your Malaysian address?



  2. Wow! Is he so cute because of his mother & father or because of his grandparents?? I guess we all had something to do with it!


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