The magical six months

Doyle is still six days off being a whole six months old, but he has officially reached his sitting stage. He much prefers it from laying, and can sit for quite extended periods of time on his own now. At least a couple minutes! He can hold himself up, reach out for toys, pick them up and put them in his mouth, all while sitting without falling over.

This magical milestone is currently the highlight of my life. I’m so over the moon about it, I’m crying tears of joy and wanting to spend as much time as I can playing with Doyle while he’s awake. Good thing for me, he prefers playing with my attention rather than on his own!

The only unfortunate part about this is that I’m meant to start doing more work from home now that one of our web developers quit at the end of last month. At least working from home means I can do it during the hours Doyle is asleep.

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