Words of Wisdom from Old Scottish Men

Last week, my friend Able Christian and I recorded a bunch of webcam webisodes of the two old Scottish men characters we’ve been messing around with for months. The basis for these characters started when we were at a birthday party for Leela’s Artistic Director Jill Eickmann. It was a fun night of dancing and drinking, but as the night progressed, I found myself feeling way older than my 31 years, and had to sit down due to a pain in my knee. Able came over to see what that was about.

I can’t remember who started the voices between the two of us, but my feeling old certainly justified some old voices and back and forth between us. There were a lot of drinks with ice and straws, which led to us complaining about the lack of people drinking “real drinks,” and the characters just grew from there. Pretty much any time we’ve gotten together at a bar, and sometimes other places, we just fall into these characters conversing about issues that are important to them. Most often, drinking, and “young people these days.”

We’ve been talking for months about recording the characters. At some point, we’d like to produce some high production quality videos with them. But for now, we were lucky to have time to record direct to YouTube on my camera a few videos that really capture the spirit of the conversations we’ve been having as the newly named Alec Ainsley and Hamish MacAdam over the last few months.

All of the videos are available below, starting with the first one, which should continue through the relevant playlist on YouTube.

Able and I perform together as part of the only LGBT improv troupe in the Bay Area, LiGhtBrighT, as well as separately in Leela’s performing improv ensembles, Marjorie’s Mask (Able) and YUM! (me).

Both of these Leela troupes will be performing on the same bill this Saturday at 8pm at the 9th St Independent Film Center in San Francisco, headlined by duo Pamela and Dave. For more information visit the Facebook event page. Tickets are available in advance on Eventbrite.

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