Indiegogo for Women, and a new crowdfunding perk for Solarwyrm’s anthology campaign

As part of Indiegogo’s International Women’s Day partnership, TODAY ONLY (March 3rd, California time) Indiegogo is donating $1 for every $25 raised for campaigns that empower women. Solarwyrm‘s campaign for launching our latest two anthologies is one of them. I already wrote a little about my Amok anthology in my last post, but of course we wanted to add some incentives for people to donate today, so we could get some bonus money.

The first thing, you can read about in more detail on Solarwyrm’s blog, wherein my partner Jax will write flash fiction for everyone who contributes today, and anyone who shares the campaign link will go in a draw to win an ebook bundle of our entire catalogue, as well as Jax’s first (pre-Solarwyrm) book. So check out that link for more details!

I’ve also recently had a test t-shirt printed with the cover of Amok, which are now available to order on our Indiegogo page. A royalty will be paid to the artist for each t-shirt sold, and the t-shirts will only be available on Indiegogo.

Here’s what the mock-up looks like (with me wearing it):

Dominica Malcolm in Amok t-shirt

Please note that I will be changing the bottom slightly to remove the white background from the credit text. T-shirts range from size S to XXL and you are able to choose the colour of the shirt.

Sound awesome? Then go forth and donate! Help us get bonus money today!

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