Music Video Release: Oil in the Alley – He Makes You Laugh

This video is two years in the making! Back in February 2012, I travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii to work on a second music video with Oil in the Alley, after enjoying myself the first time around (having released their first music video in January 2011).

They patiently waited for me to finish work on my novel before I completed this video, but now, we’re officially releasing it! Check it out and share it with your friends.

For those unfamiliar with Oil in the Alley, they are an improvised rock group based in Honolulu. All of their lyrics are improvised live on stage. The way the songs for music videos have been selected has been from original concert recordings and then turned into music videos, with the audio re-recorded in a studio later. For this song, I recorded their whole concert because we didn’t know which song we would use for the video, and then we quickly improvised as much non-concert footage as we could before I left. The remaining footage was filmed in June 2012 and then transferred to me over the Internet.

For more Oil in the Alley videos, see the description on YouTube.

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