One week until the release of Adrift (and another giveaway)

The last month has been pretty busy for me. I travelled to New Zealand to meet my partner at Solarwyrm Press, Jax Goss, followed by a trip to Melbourne, Australia, for the Melbourne Writers Festival, which I hope to write about separately another time. Less than a week after returning to KL, I attended a Comedy Bootcamp in Port Dickson, where I got to meet a number of comedians who perform across Asia, and learn some new things about joke writing. This has actually inspired me to get back up on stage and perform stand-up next week, for the first time in over 3.5 years.

Somewhere in the midst of all that activity, I’ve found time to work on both promoting and selling Adrift. After all, it’s officially released on International Talk Like a Pirate Day – September 19th.

I figure it’s time to post an update on the things that are happening.

Adrift is already listed on several web sites, available for pre-order (and a couple may already be selling it early). The distribution deals my printer has in place means that you should even be able to walk into a bookstore and ask them to order it in for you, if you prefer that method over buying online. Details on where you can get the book, or ordering direct from me, can be found here.

The majority of my Indiegogo campaign’s purchases have been sent off now. I only have to worry about the person who is in the process of moving, someone collecting theirs when they visit next week, and follow up on a couple of people who ordered something with the ebook of Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology and haven’t told me what format they’d like it in yet. Soon, I should be able to send off my first donation to the World Literacy Foundation.

It’s been exciting hearing from people who’ve received their books. A number of books have also been signed and handed out in person – in New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia, and to Australians, a South African, a Canadian, a Thai, a Norwegian, and a Singaporean.

Dominica Malcolm signing Adrift

I love seeing how many different countries have seen people receiving copies of the book. So far I have engaged readers with my book in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Qatar, and Sudan.

On the promotion side of things, next week, I will be appearing on the Stark Raven Mad Radio podcast. Here’s the preview:

There will probably be at least a couple of other interviews up next week, which I’ll try to promote when I get the chance. In the mean time, feel free to check out any of these older ones:
Interview with me by Suzanne van Rooyen
Interview with Jaclyn Rousseau (Adrift‘s protagonist) by Kristen Duvall
Interview with me by Peter John
Interview with me by Serenity Valle
Interview with me at Author-Reader Mixer
Interview with me by Jackson Baer
Interview with me by Kristen Duvall (this was conducted in April and relates to crowdfunding, Fae Fatales, and Solarwyrm)
Most of these people are also writers/authors, so you it would be great if you could also check them out and show them some support, too!

Reviews have started to show up for the book on Goodreads, such as this one, by the only person to have taken advantage of buying the ebook early through my web site, and this one by the lovely Kim Finn who interviewed me for Stark Raven Mad Radio. You can read more on Goodreads.

I also have a couple of giveaways ending next week. First, one on Goodreads, which I’ve mentioned before, and the one below…

Entering this giveaway will give you a change to win a signed copy of my pirate time-travel novel, Adrift, amongst other prizes.

View the book on Amazon. To enter the knowledge questions (and “finish the sentence”), you can download the entire first chapter for free, or use the “Look Inside” feature on the Amazon page. I will delete entries with incorrect answers.

For the final prize, Prudence is the mermaid who features in Adrift. Prudence has featured in a few short stories, two of which have been published: “Bridging the Divide” (Plunge Magazine, and soon to be re-published in Fey Publishing‘s “Horrors of History” anthology) and “Siren” (Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology).
I am putting together a collection of Prudence’s short stories, and you can give me suggestions for one of them. If you select this prize when you win, the time period suggested must be between 1645 and 2019 and the location must be accessible by water.

The postcard prize is a postcard with artwork by Grace Jensen, who designed the piece based on the previously mentioned “Siren” for Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology. You can see the artwork here. I am happy to send the postcard either usable (in an envelope with nothing written on it), or sent as a postcard, with a note from me, whatever your preference is. The postcards are provided by Solarwyrm Press.

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