Art for “Siren” by Grace Jensen

Now that it’s been officially revealed over at Solarwyrm Press, I want to share with you the art that was commissioned for my short story Siren, published in Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology.

Siren by Grace Jensen

Pictured in the image are two of my characters, Anthony Kaihoʻi and Prudence, a mermaid I have written about in several stories.

The art was done by Grace Jensen, and she was great to work with. I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone to do similar art for you. For the rest of the pictures that were commissioned for the anthology, please check out the Solarwyrm web site.

2 thoughts on “Art for “Siren” by Grace Jensen

  1. Wow, LJ hates me. I tried to leave this comment there four times between last night and today. WHATEVS. I DON’T NEED YOU, LJ.

    That said, I think the art here is great and you’re a lucky goose for getting it. ❤


    1. Wow, that’s really weird for LJ! And then, I know WordPress thought you were spam, but at least I still got it and could approve it. 😀

      Thanks! I really love it also and feel really privileged to have gotten such awesome art.


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