Crowdfunding Round Up, April 2013

I support a lot of projects through Crowdfunding. Sometimes I support so many at once, I like to write up a blog post to collect them together and tell more people about them. These are the ones I’m presently supporting, which are still open to backers.

CrossOver: Alaskan Sci-Fi Fantasy
This is to shoot the pilot of a sci-fi fantasy TV series in Alaska. Watching the video, seeing all the locations Alaska has to offer, made me want to throw in support. And for only $1 you can get a copy of the pilot when it’s finished.
Crowdfunding site: Indiegogo
Deadline: Wednesday May 1, 2:59am US EDT/Wednesday May 1, 4:59pm AEST

The Ocean Cleanup Feasibility Study
Wish something could be done about all the plastic polluting our oceans? Check out this project. Watching the video brought tears to my eyes.
Crowdfunding site: Indiegogo
Deadline: Sunday May 6, 2:59am US EDT/Sunday May 6, 4:59pm AEST

I Am Evangeline
Australian sci-fi feature film.
I am Evangeline is a sci-fi drama with a romantic undertow, set in an alternative present day.


It is about a desperate woman who takes on the hostile city as she searches for the cure to make her fully human. In doing so she is forced to confront issues of identity and kin.
Crowdfunding site: Pozible
Deadline: ~ May 20th 2013

Help Fey Publishing Bring New Talent to Light
Fey Publishing released the first book I was published in. Now it’s in the process of changing ownership, and my friend Kristen Duvall is taking over the reigns. She needs funding for start-up costs like purchasing ISBNs and paying editors and cover designers for the books that are already lined up to be released.
Crowdfunding site: Indiegogo
Deadline: Friday May 24, 2:59am US EDT/Friday May 24 4:59pm AEST

Cheyne Gallarde as Jaclyn Rousseau

Twinsies Volume II
I’ve mentioned this one before, and I’ve not backed it this time around, but that’s because I got to be part of the first one. See that image on the right? That’s one of the things I got from backing it. You can have Cheyne look like you too! There’s still time left. Also check out (and like) Universe of One on Facebook for more awesome pictures!
Crowdfunding site: Kickstarter
Deadline: Wednesday Apr 24, 8:48pm US EDT/Thursday Apr 25, 10:48am AEST

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