An update on Fae Fatales

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you may be aware that Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology already reached its primary funding goal. This means the book is definitely happening, and everyone who has contributed through the Indiegogo campaign will get their copy of the book. It reached the goal less than halfway through.

Since then, Jax Goss announced that she was increasing the goal to $2160 in order to commission 10 artists, one for each of the stories, so she can send out a collection of postcards to everyone who orders the book through Indiegogo. But she’s not waiting until the book reaches that goal — she’ll have one new artist for every $66 over the goal it goes. As I write this, we have enough for three artists, all of which have been assigned. However, the call for artists is still open, so if you are an artist or know someone who is, check that out on the Solarwyrm web site.

Since it’s also been publicly announced now, I can also tell you that I was fortunate enough to have been the lucky writer who was assigned the first artist to a story. That means if you pre-order a physical copy of the book on Indiegogo before April 12th, you will at the very least get a postcard with a picture that accompanies my story, Siren (plus at least two more).

So who is my artist? Grace Jensen (That’s a link to her online portfolio so you can check it out). I really liked the art on her portfolio, and have already seen her draft black and white drawing. I love it already, and can’t wait to see it in colour! Here’s what she had to say about my story: “Siren is beautifully written and the suspense is enthralling. (I tip my hat to the author!)”

The other artist presently announced is Ashley Frary, who I’d recommended because I adored the work she had contributed to Plunge Magazine.

Word is getting around about the anthology too:

On Tuesday Fae Fatales was mentioned on Plunge Magazine’s Tumblr, which is used for their news, because I was one of their first writers.

Today, Kristen Duvall interviewed me about crowdfunding, Fae Fatales, Solarwyrm, and me.

We’re now sitting at 61 contributors and $1748. That’s $16 away from funding our 4th artist. Will you help us get there?

Also, if you’re not already following us on Facebook, Fae Fatales and Solarwyrm Press both have Facebook pages. They’re great places to be to follow all the latest news.

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