Announcing: Bridging the Divide

Today, my short story Bridging the Divide was published in the inaugural issue of Plunge Magazine, an online magazine specifically focusing on queer women in genre fiction. This first issue’s theme was queer women in mythology.

Bridging the Divide follows a mermaid, Prudence, on a quest to find a murderer, set in London in 1894. It is a good introduction to the mermaid mythology I developed as part of my upcoming novel, Adrift, in which Prudence also appears.

Along with my short story, Plunge published 4 other short stories, 3 poems, and 2 pieces of flash fiction. There is also beautiful artwork for the cover and each section of the magazine, so I would encourage you to also check those out and support the magazine if it sounds like something that would interest you.

If you enjoy my story, please let me know, and share it with any of your friends who you also think would like it!

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