Crowdfunding Campaigns Backed December 2012

This post was created on December 10th because I wanted to promote some projects I’ve been backing and pass on the information before their deadlines, in case anyone else might be interested in backing them too. These are ordered according to earliest deadlines.
Updated: December 13th.

The View from Here is a feature film from director Kevin Lambert.
The director contacted me on my Facebook page due to my support for another campaign, and I was attracted to the project because it’s about an expat couple living in an Asian country, which I have first-hand experience. Whilst I live in Malaysia, though, this film is set in South Korea as that’s where the director’s mother is from. There is a short version of the film already made, which can be viewed online or downloaded via a link from the campaign page. After I watched the first 25 minutes, I decided it was something I wanted to back.
Deadline for backing: Dec 18th 2012, 2:59am US EST/Dec 18th 2012, 6:59pm AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Indiegogo

Universe of One: the Book is a photography book project by Honolulu photographer Cheyne Gallarde.
I first came across Cheyne’s work when he did a photo shoot with Oil in the Alley, the improv rock group I’ve shot music videos with. In this book, Cheyne takes self-portraits as different characters, and for anyone who pledges $25 or more in this campaign, you get at least an ebook and he will also make himself look like you for a special section of the book. You can check out more of his work at
Deadline for backing: Dec 28th 2012, 6:32pm US EST/Dec 29th 2012, 10:32am AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Kickstarter

Super Awesome! is the first Australian feature film focusing on marriage equality.
I found out about this film through one of the LGBT related pages I follow on Facebook. I can’t specifically remember which one.
Deadline for backing: Jan 1st 2013, 2:59am US EST/Jan 1st 2013, 6:59pm AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Indiegogo

Doing Alright: A Short Film
I found this project because I searched for “bisexual” on Indiegogo, and the main character in the film is a bisexual woman. I thought the theme of the film relating to love, loss, and accepting yourself, was something I’d like to see. For $15 or more you can get to see the film when it’s finished.
Deadline for backing: Jan 2nd 2013, 2:59am US EST/Jan 2nd 2013, 6:59pm AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Indiegogo

Make Equality Go Viral With EqualityTV!
This is another project I found by searching for “bisexual.” I love the idea of having an Internet TV station dedicated to diversity across the board, whether it’s sexuality, race, disability, and so on.
Deadline for backing: Jan 10th 2013, 2:59am US EST/Jan 10th 2013, 6:59pm AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Indiegogo

Sex + Animation is a web series about a female animator in her 20s, set in her bedroom.
Whilst I don’t actually know anyone directly involved in the project, I found out about it through my friend Ellen, who I’ve worked with on projects in the past. It’s being made by a group of people from my home city in Australia. I was attracted to the project both because of the unique idea, and the fact Dave Callan is in the cast, and he’s an Australian comedian I like.
Deadline for backing: Feb 9th 2013, 8:00pm US EST/Feb 10th 2013, 12:00pm AEDT
Crowdfunding Host: Pozible (and this is actually the first thing I’ve backed there)

Deadlines Closed, but can still be supported
The Yes Men Are Revolting is a humorous documentary by activists The Yes Men. You can find out more about the project via the link, and donate here.

Spark: A Creative Anthology collects short fiction, non-fiction and poetry of any genre. They’re already going to be paying for submissions but wanted to be able to pay more. I found out about it via Scribophile, because the main person putting it together is a member. Though the campaign failed, they are still going to make good rewards for whoever donates via their Web site.

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