Promoting Lesser Known Artists: Gangster Macha

I’ve decided to start using this blog as a way of occasionally promoting other lesser known creative types that I’ve enjoyed. Whether I’ve encountered them through social media, in person, or otherwise, I figure that it’s worth getting the word out about them. People like us don’t have multi-million dollar advertising budgets, so blogging and social media is the best way we have to develop a wider audience. This is the first post in this new series of Promoting Lesser Known Artists.

Come Thursday, I’ll have been living in Malaysia for four years. Living here has provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the culture through various mediums — primarily stand-up comedy, theatre, and film. I’ve mainly met stand-up comedians, since that was an area I got into within the first year of moving here, and some of those comedians (or former comedians) are also actors. I’ve seen them in both theatre and film, but those things weren’t really accessible to very many people outside Malaysia, if at all.

Finally, I have something I can promote to the World At Large! Gangsta Macha: Rise of Muthusammy is a short prequel film presented on YouTube. It’s set in a local kampung (village) and is based around the idea of a politician trying to control the area through his connection with gangs. The first gang leader he supported, Snake Raja (played by my friend Ollie Johanan) has gotten too powerful for him and doesn’t want to relinquish that, so Y.B. (the politician) seeks out Muthusammy to try and overthrow Snake Raja. Muthusammy’s first recruit, James, is played by another friend of mine, comedian and actor Phoon Chi Ho. I was also amused to notice the cameos by other comedians I know, as part of Snake Raja’s gang.

I found the film both amusing and entertaining, and I think it would be enjoyable even to an audience outside of Malaysia (it is in English). I particularly enjoyed the cinematography style that made it look like a much older film rather than something made in 2012.

I’m going to embed the film at the bottom of this entry, but also check it out on YouTube. If you enjoy it as much as I did, like the film on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter. They are wanting to make a feature film to follow this one so I think having social media support would help them have that opportunity!

(Note: updated 11 Dec 2012 when the full version of the film became available).

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