Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 was the first Christmas I’ve had as a “family,” (as in my now immediate family where I’m the mother) but without any extended family. Even growing up I can’t say I remember any Christmases where the entire day was spent with just me and two other family members (if that has happened, I would’ve been only one or two at the time). It was definitely an experience, but I also enjoyed it because it was the first Christmas my son has had since he’s been able to open presents by himself.

Despite this (and the fact Doyle opened one of his presents early when he saw it under the Christmas tree), I was actually the first to wake up. Though I didn’t get out of bed until Doyle came in.

We fetched Doyle’s stocking, which his Dad helped open. Doyle was so excited at finding a doll’s pram that he didn’t even want to open any of his other presents. We did manage to get the presents under the tree opened before lunch, but it took a couple hours since Doyle wanted to play with everything he opened as he opened them.

I made a roast dinner in our microwave oven. We had chicken, ham, potatoes, pumpkin, gravy and garlic bread. It was the best I could do. But I also managed to make some fruit mince pies (with the help of a recipe from my mother in law), which were nice.

Of course an Aussie Christmas is nothing without a visit to the swimming pool. Though we were in Malaysia, we still kept up this tradition.

The best thing, though, was that despite being half a world away from family, we were able to have video calls using Skype with my dad, brother (who is normally in the US but home for Christmas) and sister, Jeremy’s parents and Aunty Peg & Uncle Lindsay, Matt & Bec & their kids, and then again Jeremy’s parents but this time with Matt & Annie & their kids.

We didn’t get out of the house much, but it was definitely a busy day!

The Present Haul

Me: The Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling from Jeremy, a light dressing gown from Jeremy’s parents, some yellow and red stockings from Jeremy’s sister Annie & her husband Matt, a CD Wow gift voucher from Jeremy’s brother Matt & his wife Bec, and a strainer and colander from Santa

Jeremy: LittleBigPlanet for PS3 and some Neon Genesis Evangeleon figurines from me and Doyle, a CD Wow gift voucher from his parents, a iTunes gift certificate from Annie & Matt, a PetShopBoys CD from Matt & Bec, and a Fifth Doctor figurine from Santa

Doyle: the aforementioned toy stroller, clothes, a toy plane, some wooden train tracks, little aliens, and a toy food & dinner playset from Santa, a remote control car, 2 books and an aqua doodle from his grandparents, some light up speakers from us, Charlie & Lola books, which I labelled from other people but were really from us, a toy farm tractor thing from Annie & Matt, and a bananas in pyjamas backpack from Matt & Bec

Santa also gave me and Jeremy some books – 2500 cocktails, a book about Malaysian and Singaporean food (including recipes), and a novel by Robert Llewellyn.

Jeremy and I combined our CD Wow vouchers to purchase the PS3 Buzz Quiz TV game, and a Super Audio CD. Though they arrived not long before we had to leave for our trip to the US, so we haven’t had time to play them yet.

Thank you to everyone who sent us or gave us gifts to open, even though you couldn’t share Christmas with us in person.