A Big Move

I’ve been holding off posting anything new because I didn’t update about the latter part of my trip across Australia, and wanted to. I think I shall have to just write a summary of the last couple of months instead, for those not already in the know.

After Adelaide, we drove on to Melbourne, where I got to meet a number of Internet friends, and had a lot of fun with them. Then we flew to Tasmania to visit another Internet friend, who did a great job showing us around Hobart. On our last day in Hobart, Jeremy got an email to say he had a job interview in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – essentially before we were due home in Perth. So we had to decide pretty quick what we were going to do next.

We had left our car at Melbourne airport, so as soon as we flew back, we hopped in our car and drove up to Wodonga that night, which was probably about halfway to our next destination, Canberra. We met up with a few of Jeremy’s friends from school whilst in Canberra, and I enjoyed all the sights like Old and New Parliament House, the National Gallery, Floriade, and so on. I didn’t think it was anywhere near as bad as I’d heard described to me in the past, but we were only there about two days before heading on to Sydney, where we stayed with our ex-boss, and Doyle and I were very sick.

From Sydney, we said goodbye to Jeremy, as I dropped him off at the airport so he could fly to KL. He was pretty promptly offered the job, and by the time I got home to Perth (I drove home on my own, with Doyle in the back seat of the car, in only four days), Jeremy had accepted the job and had already started making arrangements for the move, including getting a real estate agent to sell our unit.

It was around the 10th of October that I got home. Jeremy was off to Malaysia two weeks later (we had sold out unit in only a week), and left me to finalise anything we had left to deal with over the following two weeks.

Doyle and I arrived in KL on November 8th, and if you recall that we left for our Australian adventure on September 15th, I think you’ll appreciate how busy we’ve been over the past couple of months.

Here are my thoughts so far of KL:
* Alcohol, cereal, milk, blu-ray movies, video games and cars are expensive, though a lot of other things like some services, public transport, taxis, clothes, shoes and furniture can be quite cheap.
* It’s very hot, humid and sticky most of the time. It’s nice when there’s a cool breeze, though.
* The wet season can be rather wet. It was not so nice for our colds when Doyle and I got stuck in the rain yesterday.
* The food is fantastic, as are the drinks.
* I love our apartment, and the furniture we’ve bought mostly from Ikea suits it very well. I’m looking forward to our things arriving from Australia so I can put them all away in their rightful locations.
* Everyone seems pretty friendly. I made friends with someone on the bus, and I’ve had help from several people when trying to get onto the bus with more than I should carry on my own.
* There are SO MANY places to shop. I honestly don’t know how they all manage to stay open!

3 thoughts on “A Big Move

  1. Glad to see your post. Not quite as long as you usually seem to write on your adventures but considering how busy you’ve been I suspect this in itself was a challenge to fit in. Just wishing you well.


  2. Great to get the update! Are you going to take some photos of the inside of your house when everything’s in place? I’d love to see them.


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