101 Things in 1001 Days

Happy New Year, everyone. Yes, it is the 1st of January 2008 now, and I’m happy to be here.

Last year I accomplished quite a bit in my filmmaking life, travelled extensively, and had a baby, but don’t really have much of a record of what happened – other than what I blogged. I had no specific goals to keep myself on the straight and narrow and therefore procrastinated a fair bit when I wasn’t looking after my son. So while I was in Vancouver, I came across a group of people online who had decided to work towards 101 of their own defined goals in 1001 days, beginning today. I thought this was a fantastic idea to keep me motivated and moving, and decided to join in.

I decided to publish my list on this site to have a public record and keep track of my progress, and have already crossed something off my list – you can now view my travel map online and see all the towns and cities in the world I’ve been to. Let me just say I’m so glad TripAdvisor merged their application with their Facebook one, because I’ve been wanting to post my map here eve since I created it on Facebook.

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