We’re off to see the world…

We’re down to less than 36 hours before we have to leave for the airport. While I’m more calm now than I was when I woke up, freaking out that we had to leave the next day, I still haven’t organised the things I was freaking out about not having done yet – namely booking a car in Denver, and accommodation in Lisbon and Vancouver.

Despite this, my brother contacted me this morning via MSN to let me know we could stay at his place when we arrive in Laramie, so at least now I know where we’re staying there. We’ve also got the majority of our packing done, and I’ve got a paper to-do list that I keep adding to, to make sure we don’t forget anything else. Most of what’s left to pack won’t be able to be completed until just before we leave anyway.

So we’ll head off to the airport at around 9:30pm tomorrow night, hoping to check in at around 10pm. Our travel agent supplied us with our departure cards, so we’ve already filled them out to make it easier when we get to the customs point. I’ve no idea how Doyle will go at that time of night, but hopefully he’ll fall asleep quick enough once we get on the plane, if not before. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 1:05am Tuesday morning, but the last time I took the exact same flight, about 3 years and 3 months ago, I recall that it departed late, and didn’t give me much time in Singapore to change terminals. I decided that arriving three hours before the flight is due to leave should give us enough time to check in, show my dad where our car is so he can drive it to my Godmother’s house for safekeeping while we’re away, go through customs, and claim our tax back for my new compact HD digital video camera and Jeremy’s new MacBook at the TRS stand on the other side of the customs point.

I’m feeling both nervous and excited now, looking forward to a holiday that I really need right now. I don’t think I could have planned it with any better timing!

Over the next couple of months, you can expect to read posts here detailing almost every aspect of our trip, with pretty much day-to-day accounts (in the same entry) whenever we have access to the Internet. Jeremy’s new MacBook means we can take both that and his old iBook, so we can both access the Internet at the same time if we need to.

See you next on the other side of the world!

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