Introducing Solids

I ended up introducing Doyle to solids at around five and a half months, since he seemed very interested in food, and very hungry. He started off on Farex rice cereal in the morning, but soon moved on to trying different vegetables, then some fruits for breakfast, and continuing the rice cereal for dinner to help him sleep through.

On the same day Doyle got his six month immunisation (which was last Monday so he was closer to seven months), he decided he was going to reject banana, and anything banana flavoured, which led to almost a week without solids for dinner, and me waking more during the night to feed him again.

This has now been resolved by giving Doyle more substantial food – as in, not so much mushy, but food that looks like adults would eat it. We took him out to visit some of Jeremy’s family for lunch on Sunday, and he was quite content to eat everything the rest of us were eating – well, everything but the marinated chicken I didn’t think was appropriate. He had steamed rice, carrots and a little bit of broccoli. I wasn’t sure how the broccoli would go down, but he seemed to enjoy it and didn’t choke, so I’ve decided to try him on some cauliflower soon.

Last night I decided to give Doyle some tiny pieces of cooked chicken before I added it to the soup I was making, and he also liked that. According to the pamphlet I have on introducing solids, you shouldn’t introduce solids from your own plate until the baby is 8 months (Doyle will be 7 months on Thursday), but given Doyle seems to have worked out how to chew even without teeth, and more importantly, wants to, I don’t think I should force him to keep eating mushy or mashed foods. I’m just glad he’s eating dinner again. I really don’t care that the pamphlet also says meat should be pureed when it’s introduced, either. As long as I watch that the pieces are small enough and he doesn’t choke on them, I don’t think there’s a problem.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Solids

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