Burning the Midnight Oil

As mentioned in my previous post, I have recently been working on a one-act play with a friend. Given how far apart Ellen and I live, we only had two sessions working on the script together.

Last Tuesday we met and talked about the ideas for the script, and ended up with a plot. I typed up the plot so we could both have copies of it, then we had the next week to write out our own version of the play, before meeting again yesterday.

After several hours, finally finishing around 11pm last night, we had combined all the best lines from each of our scripts, and added a few new ones to fit it all together. And it turned out long enough for us to be able to submit to DRAMAFEST later this year, if it’s accepted at our next Arena meeting on Sunday night. If not, we may just place it on the back-burner until next year when Ellen is able to direct it. Or – who knows – maybe I’ll decide to direct it myself this year. Even though I directed plays in primary school, I wouldn’t know the first thing about actually doing it properly. It’s different from film directing! Good thing my husband said he’d help me if I did decide to direct. I’m just not sure I’d have the time myself to direct it.

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