What a family holiday can cost/Flight itinerary

When I was a kid, my mum used to fly my siblings and I to the US quite regularly (as in every 3-4 years), to visit family. Now I’m following her tradition by taking Doyle and Jeremy overseas, not just to the States but to other parts of the world. By which I mean most of it is being paid for by selling Jeremy’s car, my maternity payment from Family Assistance, and our business Malcolm Media paying us back for business expenses made more than a year ago. All of that combined gives us almost $20K. Our flights alone (including taxes) will cost in the vicinity of $10K so I’m not sure if $20K will cover the trip. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to dip into the mortgage account and wonder when we’ll see that money again.

If it weren’t for Jeremy needing to be in Rio de Janeiro in November for the second IGF meeting (so he can finish off his PhD), we probably wouldn’t be going this year.

We’ve now got our final itinerary and we’re just waiting on the invoice so we can confirm the flights and lock them in.

There are still plenty of decisions that need to be made, and plans to sort out. Like where we’ll stay in a few destinations, what we’d like to see while we’re there, and do we need travel insurance? I doubt we can afford travel insurance when, despite our APVC and Interval International membership, we’ll still have to pay for some accommodation. Our week in Boston uses up nearly all of a year’s worth of points (therefore pretty much costing us our yearly membership fee of nearly $700 anyway). But I try to forget about that, or else I might begin to think maybe we were ripped off.

My last round-the-world holiday cost in the vicinity of $16K – for one person over 7 months. This holiday is for 2 adults and an infant lasting two months. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do it, but here’s hoping.

It’s been recommended to me not to initiate solids for Doyle until after we get back because it’d be less hassle to feed him. Easier said than done when Doyle is at the point of trying to copy mummy and daddy by pretending to drink from a glass, and munch on apples, and wanting to be fed every two hours again. I’m lucky there’s only three weeks left to the recommended starting date for solids as it is. At least Doyle gets his own special menu on the plane, so we’ve been told by our travel agent.

This introducing solids while travelling suggests to me that the holiday might not only cost money, but my sanity, too. And I’ll end up wondering how my parents managed to travel around Australia with me when I was Doyle’s age.

Arriving back in Perth on Christmas Eve also means we’ll have to either buy Christmas presents overseas, or fare the Christmas Eve shopping rush. And I don’t know if we’ll want to do that after travelling for basically 12.5 hours straight from Tokyo, arriving back at 7:15am. At least the time difference between Tokyo and Perth isn’t so bad. And I think we might get to miss the start of daylight savings in Perth, so that’ll be a plus.

Anyway, if there are folks out there interested in our itinerary, I’ll post it here for reference.

Oct 23, 01:05 – Perth to Singapore (5hrs 20mins)
Oct 23, 09:00 – Singapore to London (13hrs 20mins)
– while in London/England, visit Jeremy’s brother’s family in Nottingham, my friend Steph in Birmingham, Bath and Stonehenge –

Nov 05, 13:30 – London to Lisbon (2hrs 40mins)
– while in Lisbon, eat Portuguese food –

Nov 09, 09:50 – Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro (10hrs 5mins)
– while in Rio, stay in Copacabana and attend the 2nd IGF meeting –

Nov 15, 23:05 – Rio de Janeiro to Washington, D.C. (10hrs 18mins)
Nov 16, 08:45 – Washington, D.C. to Boston (1hr 31mins)
– while in Boston, visit my friend Kristian, try and see Salem, MA; New Hampshire and Rhode Island, and look up some US history like the constitution signing and the Boston Tea Party –

Nov 23, 11:00 – Boston to New York (1hr 10mins)
– while in New York, go to the Statue of Liberty (not just look at it from Manhattan), attend a comedy club, see a Broadway show, climb the Empire State building, see Central Park, go to some museums, celebrate my 24th birthday –

Nov 30, 10:55 – New York to Denver (4hrs 15mins)
– while in Denver, hire a car and drive to Laramie, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah to visit family, and try to avoid blizzards –

Dec 14, 11:15 – Denver to Vancouver (3hrs 2mins)
– while in Vancouver, pretend to be Canadian –

Dec 18, 12:05 – Vancouver to Tokyo (10hrs 20mins) – cross the date line and arrive on the 19th
– while in Tokyo, shop until we drop, see Tokyo Disney if they’re open and we have any money left, see temples, Pachinko –

Dec 23, 17:30 – Tokyo to Singapore (7hrs 29mins)
Dec 24, 01:15 – Singapore to Perth (5hrs 0mins)

I have a feeling this will be the last holiday we take for a while.

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