New England

I’ve just been looking at a map of New England to see if there’s anywhere else we might like to see while we’re in Boston in November. Depending on buses, I think I’d like to try and get out to Salem (MA), New Hampshire, and Providence (Rhode Island). I think Salem would be interesting because of the history (which is why I wanted to go to Boston, too) and I didn’t realise it was so close to Boston. New Hampshire and Rhode Island I want to see because one of my life-long goals is to either pass-through or step foot in all 50 states in the US. I am already further than half of this goal but at present we have no plans to up my count during this trip.

We are in Boston for a week, so I think this is achievable. I guess it just depends what else there is to do in Boston. I have a friend who lives in Boston most of the time, but I suspect we won’t see much of him as there will be plenty of other things we’ll want to see and do while we’re there.

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