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Today I received confirmation of a booking for our stay in Boston later this year. This basically now means we have to go ahead with our trip, and get around to booking our flights soon. Especially if we want to be home in time for Christmas. It also means we didn’t get our Rio preference, and we’ll have to reverse the trip I had planned. But that’s okay, as it now means I can spend my birthday in New York City. I have been to New York before, but not stayed there overnight.

This holiday will allow me to take in some of the places I wanted to get to the last time I flew around the world, but couldn’t afford. Namely Boston and Tokyo. But I will get to visit some other exciting locations I’ve never been to, too.

The itinerary I have thus planned includes:
Perth (via Singapore) to London
London to Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio (via Washington DC) to Boston
Boston to New York City
New York to Denver
Denver to Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver to Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo (via Singapore) to Perth

Whilst in Denver, I hope to also hire a car, which only Jeremy may be able to drive because I have previously read I am not old enough to hire cars in the US. But I will have to look into this further, because it may be worthwhile having both of us able to drive if possible. The reason I want to hire a car is I have family in not only Denver but Wyoming and Utah that I would like to visit. Given how many of us are going on this trip, driving may well be cheaper than taking the bus, as I did last time I was in the States.

If it weren’t for Jeremy’s brother (and family) moving to Nottingham in September, we would probably have bypassed London. But if we can afford it, I’d like to visit Bath and Stonehenge this time around. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even be able to find a Doctor Who convention. I’d wanted to go there last time I was in London, but ended up not doing so.

I’m not really sure what there is to do in Lisbon, but we had to travel through there to get to Rio anyway, so I thought we may as well make it a stopover. I imagine our stay there will be planned much the same way our honeymoon was – when we get there.

I am incredibly excited about this trip because it’ll be the first chance my overseas family will have to meet Jeremy and Doyle. And it feels that much more real now that we’ve booked one of the hotels (free of charge, due to our Interval International membership).

4 thoughts on “Worldwide Travel

  1. When H & I were investigating car hire in the US, the minimum age was 21, so you’d be right on that count. There could be a separate requirement in terms of how long you’ve had your licence, though.


  2. Then I could have driven in the US had I my license last time I was over there. I thought it was 24. But then, I will be 24 by the time we get to Denver if I have my birthday in New York, so I’d be fine on that count, too.

    Given that I’ll be off my P plates before we leave, I doubt there’d be any issues. But I’d have to get the international driver’s license here before we go. But so does Jeremy.


  3. Yeah, I’d say it’d be a case of having a full license – or at least something that *looks* enough like one to convince them 😀


  4. My little brother (who is 23) can hire a car in the States and has done since he was 21. He has to pay a US$20 a day surcharge for the pleasure though. That’s why I’m not going over there and hiring till I’m 25 when it suddenly becomes less of a problem.

    Oh and how long are you going to be in England area for?


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