Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This page is to keep track of the wedding anniversary my husband Jeremy and I are up to, and what gifts we both received from each other each year.

Anniversary Theme Dominica received Jeremy received
First Paper Framed professional photo of us Tickets to Little Britain Live
Second Cotton A cotton ball (and tickets to see The Chaser’s Variety Hour tour) Leather wallet sewn with “cotton,” cotton pants and a cotton shirt
Third Leather Custom-made leather clothes Faux-leather foot stool, leather belt & blu-ray movies
Fourth Fruit/Flowers Final Fantasy XIII Tinned fruit in natural juice
Fifth Wood Wooden flower belt + wood tissue box Photography “how-to” books (with a picture of a wooden guitar inside)
Sixth Candy/Iron Steel-wool scourer (and Final Fantasy XIII-2) Iron-rich foods, including a meal made with some of them
Seventh Wool/Copper Brass (ie, copper/zinc alloy) compass Copper candle holder
Eighth Bronze/Pottery Frozen (digital copy of the film and soundtrack) Ceramic serving dishes and soup bowls
Ninth Pottery/Willow Genuine dress worn by Alyson Hannigan (aka Willow on Buffy) on “How I Met Your Mother” Willow (from Buffy) comic book, Buffy poster, and WillowTree brand statue of a couple
Tenth Tin/Aluminium Clarke Celtic tinwhistle Baked Caribbean meat patés and piña colada cheesecake using aluminium foil and a cake tin
Eleventh Steel
Twelfth Silk/Linen
Thirteenth Lace
Fourteenth Ivory
Fifteenth Crystal
Twentieth China
Twenty-fifth Silver
Thirtieth Pearl
Thirty-fifth Coral
Fortieth Ruby
Forty-fifth Sapphie
Fiftieth Gold
Fifty-fifth Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond

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