Craic (Magatama #7)

Friday lunch in the Teachers’ Lounge at Catlett Memorial High School, Dae wanders in and stakes a claim on a chair at the white, round table currently occupied by a group of Humanities and Social Sciences teachers. He opens his backpack and pulls out a container of his leftovers from Curry Mee Home and heads … More Craic (Magatama #7)

In Pursuit of Knowledge and Romance (Magatama #5)

Dae’s phone buzzes while he and his roommate are watching Ali Wong and Randall Park have a conversation at a market in UN Plaza in San Francisco’s Civic Center area about halfway through the Netflix movie Always Be My Maybe. Angelica looks over at him from the recliner and asks, “Need me to pause the … More In Pursuit of Knowledge and Romance (Magatama #5)

The Axe Forgets; The Tree Remembers (Magatama #3)

“Alice, I’m home,” Chariya calls to her daughter as she walks through the door. When she doesn’t hear a response, she wanders into the living room, where Alice is playing some Legend of Zelda game on her Switch. “I’m home,” Chariya repeats. “Need anything?” “Nah, I’m good,” Alice replies. She pauses the game and stands … More The Axe Forgets; The Tree Remembers (Magatama #3)

Divine Intervention

There was a warm glow emanating around the very Holy room. Ten angels were standing in a semi-circle when God entered, His presence filling the room. He knew not why He had been summoned, just that He had. The fact the all-knowing God did not know the purpose of the meeting should have been a … More Divine Intervention

Inside Baseball

This story previously appeared in Idol Meanderings, published by Fey Publishing in December 2011. Doctor F. Alex Spencer held the abdominal x-ray up to the light and just shook his head, then turned to his patient, Patricia Baker. “That baseball is lodged in pretty tight. What on Earth possessed you to stick it up your … More Inside Baseball